"This is what 21st century horror looks like!!"

-- Rick Prewitt, Paradelphia
"You won't expect Screens, at least I didn't.  I wasn't ready."

-- Bubblegum



Native San Franciscan gone immigrant to New Zealand
{ passport and everything }

Writer, programmer and a dilettante of too many things to count.  Blog on a wide swathe of subjects, and have several novels and novellas to my name (published or otherwise).

Only goal is to free myself of the shackles of the Joe Job to write, garden and program constantly.

My partner, Mary Laine, is a visual artist of the greatest quality, and one helluva human being for putting up with my monkey ass all these years.  The gods keep and protect her.  Check her out.  Her stuff is bad ass.


Thanks. I'll hit you back.