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A quest to a living god's domain

IN A SMUGGLER'S TAVERN, Domingo Ladrón is waiting for his next clients, two fiends who seek a terrible treasure in a place which shouldn't exist.
Domingo is Dhystara, a duster, a man of power who uses alchemy, nature and his wits to accomplish what ordinary people can never hope to do.
​He must brave the trials of the Garden Path and find the secret lair of the Midnight Gardener, a mythical being said to spin life and death out of the very air.
Once there, Domingo will try to find and retrieve a gruesome plant with powers no being should ever wield.
The fiends will reward him handsomely, if only he can manage to get their prize and survive...

Beautifully illustrated by artist David Slebodnick, IN THE REALM OF THE MIDNIGHT GARDENER is one of the Tales of the Garden Path, a series of works which will take you to a world like you have never seen before.

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